Don’t Let the World Change Your Mind!

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Being a Christian has its challenges, because the enemy will do whatever he can to change your mind. Once you were saved and made the decision to live for Christ, the enemy has been doing his best to stop you.  The reality is you were of the world prior to embracing Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. You were in the enemy’s camp until Christ freed you.   Now that you have been set free, the enemy has been doing his best to lock you up, by any means necessary.  When you read Job 2:1-10, you see how the enemy was doing his best to change the mind of Job and to have him curse God.  Once the enemy inflicted Job with sores all over his body, he expected him to curse God, but he didn’t.  Since that did not work, the enemy used Job’s wife to get him to curse God; but she also was unsuccessful.  The reason Job would not curse God was because he recognized that it was God who had blessed him.  Now that he is going through a rough time, he still does not have the right to curse The One who has brought him this far.  Job would not allow his current circumstance to change his mind about how he felt about God.

This is your challenge:  not to allow your circumstances to dictate your actions.  In essence don’t let the world change your mind. The enemy, who is of the world wants you to curse the one who has set you free;  curse the one who woke you up this morning; curse the one who is blessing you right now; curse the one who is sustaining you. I could mention so many more, but I believe you understand how good The Lord has been to you.  So, no matter what you are going through, you will not allow the world to change your mind!