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It’s easy to say to others the Lord will provide. However, do you truly believe the Lord will provide for you in all situations? If your response is yes, then you have made the decision in your life to move forward in faith. In order for you to understand how the Lord will move in your life, it will require you to step out on faith. I want you to know faith requires you to put forth effort. In essence you will not know what the Lord is capable of doing in your life, if you are not willing to move forward in faith. 

Some people won’t move until they can see the complete picture. This is why they are stuck, because they will not function on the principle of faith. Think about this, some people have more faith in their GPS system, than they do in God. When they type in the address of a location they have not been before, they will make every turn the GPS tells them. Why, because they have faith in the GPS. The GPS is man made and is prone to make a mistake. When you trust God and move by faith you will see perfection in your presence. 

In Genesis 22:1-14, we have a flawed man moving forward in faith, and he will experience the perfect will of the Lord. In these verses the Lord tells Abraham to take his son Isaac to the land of Moriah, and sacrifice him as a burnt offering. This could not be easy for Abraham to receive, because Isaac is the child of promise. Prior to this Abraham was told to listen to his wife, and dismiss Hagar and Ishmael. Abraham has to make a decision on whether to do as the Lord has instructed, or do nothing at all. He decides to move forward in faith. I believe Abraham thought the Lord had been faithful, and now was not the time to question His instructions. In the past when Abraham was told about Sodom and Gomorrah was to be destroyed. He questioned God’s actions in Genesis 18:20-33, “will you sweep away the righteous with the wicked?” There was something happening here where Abraham had to move, and not question. 

There are times the Lord will instruct you to do something, and you need to move on it with no questions being asked. It would take them three days to arrive in the land of Moriah. Then Abraham and Isaac left the servants, and traveled alone. Isaac raises a valid question, he sees the wood and fire, but where is the lamb for the burnt offering? Abraham responded, “God Himself will provide the lamb for a burnt offering, my son.” This is telling me, Abraham believed the Lord would provide. Even though he did not understand how, he would only find out by continuing to move forward in faith. You will only be able to see the Lord provide, if you move by faith. You can’t let your emotions overrule your faith. 

There is no question Abraham loved Isaac, and emotionally it was hard, but he chose to allow faith to overrule his emotions. After Abraham built the altar, and bound his son and laid him on the wood. He lifted up his knife to kill his son, that’s when the angel stopped him. Then he was told, “for now I know that you fear God, since you have not withheld your son, your only son, from me.” After Abraham was told this, he saw a ram caught in the thicket, and used it to sacrifice on the altar. Abraham was only able to see the ram, by going all the way with the Lord. 

You may not always understand what you are being asked to do, but don’t allow your emotions to overrule your faith. Because, there are blessings you will receive by moving forward in faith. Continue to walk in your blessings!