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It’s amazing how some people will spend a lot of time complaining. Even when a solution is brought to their attention they can’t see it, because their minds have been clouded with doubts and negativity. There is a reality you have to understand. Some people have spent so much time around negativity, it’s hard for them to see things any other way. Think about this, if you were told your whole life you would never amount to anything. One of two things will occur; you will accept what you are told and never attempt to do anything to better yourself. Or, you will be driven to accomplish great things in your life, because you have rejected the negativity. There are people that attend Church and don’t expect the Lord to do much for them, because they don’t feel they deserve to be blessed. There is not one person who steps into the church that deserves to be blessed. All of us were sinners and needed for Jesus Christ to save us. We are still here through the grace and mercy of the Lord, and we are being blessed through the actions of Jesus Christ. Therefore, none of us deserve the blessings of the Lord. 

In John 5:1-9, we have the story about a man who was ill, who had an encounter with Jesus. He had been waiting by the pool called Bethzatha. When the water is stirred the person who steps in first will be healed. This man had been ill for thirty-eight years, and did not have anyone to help him get to the water. When Jesus saw him, He knew the man had been there for a long time wanting to make it to the water. Jesus also knew this man would not ever be the first one to the water. Then Jesus approached the man, and asked him, “Do you want to be made well?” This was a direct question which requires a response of yes or no. However, the man complains to Jesus about how he has no help, and someone else always gets to the pool before him. This man is filled with frustration, because of his illness and his inability to get to the pool. Therefore, his response is clouded with complaints, and he is unable to see the opportunity to be blessed. Therefore, it makes you wonder can this man stand to be blessed? I believe he wants too, because he has come to the pool. But, he will not be blessed from the pool water, but from the living water who is Jesus. What Jesus does after the man stops complaining is tell him, “Stand up, take your mat and walk.” Having a conversation with this man was not going to change anything, because his mind was clouded with negativity. So, Jesus moved to action, and gave him specific instructions, and the man had to make a decision on how he was going to respond. He decided to do as Jesus instructed and he was blessed. 

I know you may have dealt with a lot of negativity in your life, and it has clouded your mind. Jesus has come into your life to remove the clouds of doubt and negatively, and has given you the opportunity to be blessed. So, can you stand to be blessed? Continue to walk in your blessings!