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When I think about how frail babies are, I have to give the Lord thanks. When we were all born, the doctors and nurses did their job to ensure we would be okay. Then somebody had to take on the responsibility of raising us. There was nothing we could do to support ourselves, we were all in somebody’s hands. Since we were in their hands, that means they were responsible for making sure we had what was needed to live. 

In Exodus 1:15-21, the scripture reads that  Pharaoh ordered the midwives for the Hebrews to kill every baby boy when they are born. These orders from Pharaoh were troubling to the midwives because they would do all they could to make sure every baby born would live. However, Pharaoh wanted us to do the opposite, these women would not carry out his orders. They had orders greater than Pharaoh’s, and they came from God. These women decided to put their trust in God rather than Pharaoh. They knew who was the giver of life and that is God. They were blessed to be in a position to save lives. Also, they knew it was God, who blessed their hands to allow them to perform these duties. However, they now have a dilemma, because once Pharaoh realizes the baby boys are surviving, he would question their actions. When they were confronted by Pharaoh about the baby boys, they shared a story hoping he would believe them. This was a risk they were willing to take. This tells me they would rather put their lives on the line and not the baby boys. God blessed these women for being faithful to their tasks to save all babies. 

This story makes me think about mothers because they love their children. When they look at their hands they see two things that are there to preserve life. These hands do all they can to make sure their babies have everything they need. Even if they have to do without, they make sure their babies have what they need. Also, they see hands that show love, encouragement, and direction. I’m so thankful for mothers that did all they could with their hands, to make sure we would be able to live. Thank you mothers for all you have done and are doing. Happy Mother’s Day! Continue to walk in your blessings.