It’s About My Faith!

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Matthew 25:14-30 shares the parable of the three slaves that received talents from their master. Please note, the master didn’t give any of them instructions on what to do with their talents. Individually, they had to make a decision on what to do with what they had been given. The servant that had five doubled his talents to ten, and the servant that had two doubled his to four. However, the servant with one talent was not willing to risk it, and decided to bury it until the master returned. I truly believed all three understood what was expected of them, but one was not willing to take a risk. The excuse the servant gave was, he knew his master was harsh, and was afraid to risk losing what he was given. The master was angry at this slave and called him wicked and lazy because he did absolutely nothing with what he was given. This slave refused to investigate any options because he was afraid to lose what he had.

How many saints of God are sitting on their spiritual gifts from God, because they are afraid of failing? Why would we even think about failing? What we received originated with God and was given to us, so that it can increase. Our God does not set us up for failure, therefore, we have to take what we have been blessed with and increase it. We will use what we
have, and remind ourselves that failure is not an option. Think about this,
the other two servants had the option to do nothing. But they knew they
were expected to increase what they had. For them, failure was not an
option, and they were going to do their best with what they had. They
realized there was risk involved, but the possibility to increase the talents
was their focal point. There is a reality we have to understand. The
difference between a failure and a successful person, is when the person
who failed stopped once it didn’t work. The person who succeeded had
failed in the past, but would not allow their failures to define them. The two
slaves that succeeded knew their master believed in them, and that’s why
they put in the work.

They understood, it’s about my faith because the master had faith in them.
If not, why did he give them the talents? Also they did not receive the
same amount. The amount they were given was based on their ability. The
Lord will always meet us where we are, to give us an opportunity to see
how He will bless us when we step out in faith. If you have done nothing with your gift, now is the time to get started. To experience what the Lord
will do, step out in faith. Continue to walk in your blessings!