The Lord’s Work Can’t Be Stopped

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Have you ever been frustrated by doing the will of the Lord? It appears the
more you do, the more trouble you have. You have made it your business
to allow your light to shine, in order to help somebody else. You see the
needs of the people, and you understand the only one that can satisfy their
needs is Jesus Christ. Therefore, you have made the decision to let people
know you serve a God who is able!

This is what happened to the disciples, after the Lord worked through them
to heal a man that was lame. After the man was healed, he went into the
temple walking, leaping, and praising God. All the people that were at the
temple began to praise God, they knew the condition of the man. Now they
saw the man who was brought daily to the temple to ask for alms; walking,
leaping, and praising God. All that were there knew the power of God
healed him. Peter used this opportunity to share the Gospel and that day
five thousand people came to believe in Jesus Christ.

This healing is what catapulted their ministry and got people’s attention.
However, the religious council was enraged to see the people gravitate to
this rag tag bunch. They were arrested and put in jail. An angel of the Lord
released them. They left the prison and the next day were at the temple
teaching. The high priest had them arrested, for teaching about Jesus
Christ, and wanted to kill them.

In Acts 5:33-42, there was a teacher of the law Gamaliel a Pharisee, that
shared with the council to leave these men alone. If what they are doing is
from man, it will eventually fail. However, if this undertaking is from God,
you will not be able to overthrow it. You will be fighting against God. I
believe Gamaliel came to this conclusion when he looked at the evidence
before them. He knew about the lame man and his healing was only
possible through the power of the Lord. He wanted the other council
members to think through what they are about to do because they can find
themselves fighting against the will of God. This account is to encourage
the saints to continue moving forward doing as the Lord guides because
we are being used to make a difference. Now is not the time to stop, no
matter what obstacles we face. Keep going saints, because the Lord’s work
can’t be stopped! Continue to walk in your blessings.