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There is something I want you to know. You are not perfect, but you’re
useful in the Kingdom of God. Yes, you have done somethings that have
caused you to feel ashamed. However, once you gave your life to Jesus
Christ, all has been forgiven. This is what you have to continue to remind
yourself, the Lord did not save you to become useless. You serve a God,
that has given you purpose. This is hard for some to comprehend, because
the mistakes of their past still dominate them. However, the Lord knows
what happen and has taken these negative things, and has used them to
fuel your ministry. How, by letting others know, they are not bound by their
mistakes, but can be set free from them through Jesus Christ. This was the
purpose of Paul’s ministry, to share the gospel with the Gentiles. To help
them to see there imperfections, and know by accepting Jesus Christ they
will be useful in the Kingdom of God. 

In Romans 1:16-17 , Paul is telling his readers in Rome, they are not to be
ashamed to share the gospel. Also, they are to live by faith. In verse
sixteen, Paul is letting them know, he’s not ashamed to share the gospel.
The Gospel is shared not only through words, but also through actions. The
Gospel lets us know we are all flawed, and we need to be saved from our
sins. Salvation is only possible through Jesus Christ, because He was
crucified on the cross for our sins. Therefore, once we embrace Christ we
are saved. Paul wants everyone he comes in contact with know, they are
not outside the reach of the Lord. Some may feel they are a lost cause, but
that is not how the Lord views anyone. That’s why Paul on various
occasions gave his testimony, about his encounter with the Lord. Because,
after hearing what he had done, and the Lord still gave him purpose. Will
let others know they are not a lost cause. When the gospel is shared, the
power of God is presented giving everyone who hears. The opportunity to
be saved when they place their faith in Jesus Christ. Through making this
decision the righteousness of God is revealed through faith. When you
embrace the Gospel, then you are making a decision to live by faith.
Knowing you are not perfect, but you are useful in the Kingdom of God. 
Yes, you are flawed and have made some mistakes, but you still have
purpose. Therefore, its time for you to live by faith, and not be ashamed to
share the Gospel. Why, because you have been changed by the Gospel,
and you want others to experience this life changing Gospel. Continue to

walk into your blessing!