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The concept of worship comes from believing that the Lord is worthy. We have come to this conclusion based on the evidence of what He has done for us. Also, we know how He will continue to provide, maintain, and sustain us as we go through the journey of life. However, this is still not enough for us to worship the Lord. We worship, because we recognize how awesome He is, and He cares about us. Our worship can not be predicated on how well the choir sings, or how well the preacher can preach.

We read in John 4:23-24, how Jesus was sharing with the Samaritan woman about how “true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth”. When we are led by the Holy Spirit, the focus is taken off of us and placed on our Heavenly Father. If we are going to be true worshippers we must allow the Holy Spirit to guide us. There is always something trying to distract us from worshipping our Heavenly Father. This is the reason we have to rely on the Holy Spirit, because left on our own we will not be true worshippers. By the Holy Spirit leading us, we are able to be authentic with the Lord. Whatever struggles, mistakes, and disappointments we are facing are being poured out to the Lord during our worship. Because, we are allowing the truth in our lives to come out, then the Lord is able to meet us where we are. This is the purpose of worship, to move us to bring everything to the Lord, and watch how He is going to work it together for good. This is why I worship. Are you ready to be a true worshipper? Then you have to move out of the driver’s seat, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you. When you make this shift in your life you begin to feel better, and the worship experience is going to be awesome. Then you will begin to encourage others, because you made the decision to worship. Continue to walk in your blessings! ority50 \lsdloc