I Know The Lord Loves Me!

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As we enter into this new year, Covid-19 is still infecting people at an alarming rate. Nurses and doctors are burning out because the number of patients in ICU is rising. Many of us thought once the vaccine was made available, it would not be long before the pandemic would be over. However, that didn’t happen due to the number of people refusing to get vaccinated. It’s sad that this has been made a political issue –  not wanting to follow federal guidelines. So, we have republican led states that don’t want to follow the mandates, because the current president is a democrat. Additionally, the number of shootings in the city is increasing – every day we hear about someone being killed. Then having tornados touch down and move on the ground for over one hundred miles. There were a number of cities from multiple states that were hit hard, and a number of people were killed by these tornados. This is showing us the impact of global warming, this does not normally happen in December. These are some of the things that have occurred in 2021, and we are still feeling the effects in 2022. 

In Psalm 33:18-22, the writer wants us to understand the assurance we have in the Lord because our trust is in Him. In verse 18 it says, “truly the eye of the Lord is on those who fear Him.” The word fear in this verse does not mean we are to be afraid of the Lord. It’s the opposite we are to have complete trust in Him because we know the Lord is able. The Lord is watching over the world because it’s His creation. However, those that recognize the greatness and goodness of the Lord, are able to get His attention. This is why the psalmist is letting us know, we are being watched over by the Lord. We have placed our hope in the Lord’s unwavering love for us. We can’t allow situations or circumstances to cause us to wonder if we are still loved. The Lord has made His position clear because every day we are alive, He’s blessing us. We have to stay grounded in what we believe. 

The Lord understands the value of life because He is the giver of it. In verse 19 we are told two things, we are delivered and kept alive by the Lord. The enemy is always trying to take us out by any means necessary. The Lord has delivered us and is keeping us alive. If there is a famine, we know the Lord is our provider and sustainer, and He will keep us alive. He will supply us with everything we need because of His unwavering love for us. Therefore, when things get tight and you are not sure how you are going to make it, put your trust in the Lord. And remind yourself I know the Lord loves me! 

Knowing this allows you to wait for the Lord, to do what only He can do. Why, because He is your help, and shield. As the Lord is bringing you through, He is shielding you from the attacks of the enemy. This makes your heart glad in knowing how much the Lord cares for you, and this is why you trust in His Holy name. Therefore, I know in 2022 everything is going to be good because He loves me. Continue to walk in your blessings.