Hold On!

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With all we are dealing with from the pandemic, presidential election, racial tension, and with most things shut down, it’s been hard. Many can’t see this coming to an end, so they want to give up. Truth be told, some have already mentally checked out and are just existing from one day to the next.

Jacob was someone who was caught between a rock and a hard place in Genesis 32:22-31. God instructed him to return home with his family. Remember he left because he tricked his father into giving him his brother’s Esau’s blessing. When Esau learned what Jacob had done, he planned to kill him. This is the reason he left and after many years,
he is returning home.

Hoping that Esau has a forgiving heart and still does not want to kill him, he is returning with his wives and children. Jacob sent one of his servants ahead to greet Esau, and he returned, saying his brother will be coming to meet him with four hundred men. This immediately started Jacob thinking his brother was coming to kill him and his family. That night Jacob took his family across the stream, and he stayed by himself. I believe the reason he wanted to be alone, was to take time to pray with no distractions. During that night, an angel came and Jacob wrestled with the angel all night. The angel dislocated his hip but Jacob would not stop fighting. As morning was coming, the angel told Jacob to let me go, but he responded, “I will not let you go, unless you bless me”. The angel blessed Jacob and then he let him go. This is an example for us to understand, you have to hold on because the Lord will bring you through. Jacob was struggling because he was wondering if he made a mistake in bringing his family back to his homeland. Even though this is what God had instructed him to do. Knowing there was a possibility that Esau was still angry and wanted to kill him. He does not have the ability to fight his brother and four hundred men. Jacob had forgotten that quickly that God is the one that moved him to return home. When we follow God’s instructions, He has already worked it out. All we have to do is hold on, and see what God is going to do.

Our situation is not the same as Jacob’s, but we need to hold on. Why, because the Lord is the reason we are here and He has been blessing us with all that is going on. Therefore, hold on and see how the Lord will continue making a way for us. Continue to walk in your blessings!