Initiate the Lord’s Plan!

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What we are currently going through will have an impact on us, and that is true. However, the question is, “are you going to allow the situation to control you?” or are you going to trust the Lord? If we allow what is happening to take control of our lives, worry will dominate our thoughts. Also, depression can kick in and no matter how sunny it is outside, you feel gloomy on the inside. This is what happens to us if we allow the situation to dictate our actions.

In Philippians 4:4-7, Paul is sharing with us the approach we are to take in our current situation. Before we discuss these verses, lets see where Paul is when he wrote this letter. He was in prison in Rome, waiting to go before Caesar. You would think his focus should have been on himself and his current situation. However, he realized the Lord was blessing him in spite of his situation, because he initiated the Lord’s plan. He was blessed by it, so he had to share it with the saints in Philippi.

Let’s look at the plan we are to initiate, in verse 4 we are told to rejoice in the Lord always. Our praise is not to be predicated on our situation, because the Lord is bigger than everything that comes up against us. In verse 5 we are told not to keep quiet but share with everyone the Lord is near. We have something that is beneficial to everyone, that’s why we have to take the initiative to share what we have. If we are doing as instructed in verse 4 & 5, then we will not worry as it states in verse 6, but make our request known to God with a heart of thanksgiving. By doing this, the results are shared in verse 7, then God’s peace will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. When we make the decision to keep the Lord first, His peace is with us. It’s time for us to initiate the Lord’s plan and He will see us through. Continue to walk in your blessings!