Have You Been Cleared

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In life there are a number of things that come against us, that we feel
incapable of overcoming. Why, because of the mistakes we have made in
the past. That’s why a number of people in the Church believe they are
limited in how far they can go forward. This is due to mistakes they have
made in their lives.
This is no different from the Israelites, believing they were undeserving of
the blessings of God. In Isaiah 54:17, God was letting Israel know you have
been cleared. The evidence to substantiate this statement is this, “no
weapon that is fashioned against you shall prosper”. This is the first
statement in this verse, to give the people peace no matter what comes
against them. The verse continues with, “and you shall confute every
tongue that rises against you in judgement”. Everyone that comes against
you will be proven wrong, because God has cleared you of all wrong. This
is truly something that should cause them to shout, because their yesterday
no longer controls their today. How many people have been allowing their
past mistakes to control their today? God is telling Israel, I will prove wrong all that feel they can pass judgement on them.
As Christians we are excited, because Jesus paid the price for us. His
actions and our acceptance of Him, has allowed the judgement of others to
be proven wrong. The verse continues, “this is the heritage of the servants
of the Lord”. The Israelites are told to expect to receive blessings from the
Lord. This was not earned, they received the Lord’s grace and mercy. Since
they have received these blessings from the Lord, the verse closes with,
“and their vindication from me, says the Lord”. They have been cleared of
all wrong doing, not allowing any weapon to prosper against them. Also any that judge them will be proven wrong, because they will receive blessings from the Lord. This is all made possible through the Lord clearing them. Know today, you have been cleared!