Don’t Talk About It, Be About It

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The Lenten season started on Ash Wednesday, and many were trying to decide what they are going to give up for the next forty days. The reason many do this is to connect with Jesus Christ, as they think about all He gave up for us. This is all well and good, but the Lord wants us to be all in with our commitment to serve Him. In Isaiah 53:1-10, the prophet outlines what our Savior gave up, and went through to give us an opportunity to be saved. The real question is why would Jesus go to great length in order to save us? We are God’s creation and He loves us. Love is better expressed through actions than words. Anybody can tell you they love you, but what will they do to express their love. In these verses we read how He was wounded for our transgressions, suffered unjustly, and never considered turning away from this task. Why, because we are loved by the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Jesus went through all of this to make us whole, healed, and to prosper. This was His mission and He executed it to perfection. Now it’s left up to us to be whole, healed, and to prosper. This will happen when we aren’t just talking about it, but be about it, and step out in faith. 

Let me take you further, prior to accepting Jesus Christ you were broken down by sin. Jesus is the One that made you whole, because you felt your life could not improve. Your healing took place when you realized, He showed you grace and mercy. Jesus did this for you so that you can move forward touching hearts and changing lives, this is how you prosper for Him. Now go out and be about what you have been called to do. Be blessed indeed!