God Chose You for the Work

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In 2 Timothy 2:15, Paul is encouraging Timothy to continue working for God. Paul realizes the struggles he is facing in ministry, but he won’t let him quit. Why, because the work that he is doing is for the one that made him able and capable. Paul knew this better than anyone, because it was known by many how Paul persecuted Christians. 

Once Jesus turned him around, he became a preacher of the Gospel, and there was always somebody present that did not want to hear a word from him. The formula for a successful ministry is outlined in this verse, and it comes from Paul’s experience in allowing the Lord to use him. We have to know who approved us to do the work, and the answer is God through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Paul is letting him know you have been approved by God. Therefore, you are to do your best, because God made you able. Since you are able, God made you a capable worker, to rightly explain the Word of truth. You will not be ashamed in doing a work that is life transforming. Timothy needed these words from Paul to remind him you did not choose this work, God chose you for the work. 

The work you are doing for God is what He chose you to do. You may feel inadequate to do the work, but this was not your decision. I challenge you to stop looking around and start looking up to God, and He will begin to unfold the potential in you. That will allow you to be successful and glorify God as you are working. Now step out on faith and watch what God will do. Hallelujah!