It’s about Faith Through Actions

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We all know when something is alive; the evidence proves it. During the spring trees begin to bud, and leaves grow. By the end of spring, you can determine which trees are dead, because there are no leaves. The leaves are the evidence that the trees are alive. This is the point James is making in his letter to the Churches, in chapter 2:14-26. It’s not enough to say you have faith, there has to be evidence to prove it! James wanted the church to know its not what you say, but what are you doing. In the winter it’s hard to identify which trees are alive, because all the branches are bare. Once the trees have leaves, you know they are alive. If you are a Christian your actions are the evidence your are alive. This is what distinguishes you from non-believers. When no evidence exist, you are like everybody else and those that need help don’t know where to turn. Why, because everything appears to be dead. James is encouraging his readers then, and you now, to step-up and live a life of faith through your actions. 

If you identify yourself as a person of faith, then there should be evidence through your actions. You are alive because you are living your life guided by the Word of God. You can only be guided when you believe, and you trust God through your faith. Otherwise, James says you are dead, because you are not living by the Word of God. How do you see yourself and how do others see you? I’m not talking about trying to impress people, but when they see you do they know what you believe through how you live? I’m not saying any of this to beat you up, but to get you to live to the potential of how God sees you. You are God’s investment, now is the time for you to impact the lives of others by living out your faith. Be blessed indeed.