Function with Purpose

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I want you to understand that your purpose as a Christian has not changed. Yes, we are dealing with a pandemic, that is responsible for killing over 187,000 people. Also, over 5.8 million people have been infected, and all of us have adjusted how we live. When we leave our homes we wear masks, and we no longer shake hands or hug each other. We limit the people that are allowed to come into our homes, because we don’t know who they have been around. Our world has changed drastically, and restrictions have been in place since March. In John 15:16 Jesus shares with His disciples, that He chose them to bear fruit that will last. When they function in the purpose, the Father will give them whatever they ask in Jesus’ name. The purpose of this statement is still applicable for you today. This is needed now more than ever, because a number of people have been overwhelmed by the pandemic. They need to know there is One that will give them peace in the midst of all that is going on. You want them to know Jesus Christ, and embrace Him as their Lord, and Savior. People are searching for answers and need some stability, and the only One who can provide this is Jesus Christ. You have to be willing to go and bear fruit that will last. The question you are asking is how, during this pandemic? You have to be creative, use the internet, talk with people on the phone, and when you are out shopping. Ask the Lord for guidance, and He will not fail you, but show you how to make a difference. Everyone that is a Christian has been chosen by the Lord, and we have to function with purpose. There are too many lives at stake, and we need to be able to help as many as possible to come to know Jesus Christ. The number of drug overdoses is increasing, the number of people suffering with depression is on the rise, because people are feeling isolated. All we have to do is help one person, and watch how the Lord will grow what you are doing. The reason for the growth is because you have decided to function with purpose. By doing so, the Lord will bless what you are doing. It’s time for you to get started! Continue to walk in your blessings.