What Do You Have To Say?

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 We are doing what is needed to maintain some structure during this pandemic. This virus is not just lingering, but growing at an alarming rate. Everyone we speak to has something to say about all that is going on. There are some that still believe this virus is not real and want to believe there is a conspiracy. They are also the same people saying we should not get vaccinated. There are those blaming the government for not moving fast enough to deal with the various issues caused by the pandemic. I find this to be ironic because the previous administration was not doing anything to resolve any problems. We have some that want to make everything a political issue. This virus is not political and does not care if you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent. Having people wearing masks and getting vaccinated is not political. These things are being done to keep everyone safe. We still have not realized the harm we are doing to one another, by not wanting to do these things. As you can see everybody has something to say. 

In Psalm 40:16-17, the writer is letting us know there ought to be a response of rejoicing and gladness. Why, because you have put forth the effort to seek the Lord. Are you still seeking the Lord? When you began to seek the Lord, you were broken and lost and the Lord turned your life around. This was the beginning of your relationship, and now you should be growing in your relationship. Growth occurs through you continuing to seek the Lord for guidance and assistance. This is not something you do every now and then, but it should be something you do multiple times throughout the day. Once you establish your relationship with the Lord, you want to draw closer to Him. 

Through your growing relationship, the love you have for the Lord grows, because He saved your life. When you think about what could have happened in your life, but it didn’t;  what immediately comes to your mind is, “Great is the Lord!”   This is what you have to say,  you know what the Lord has done for you. This is something you will say continually, because of all things the Lord has blocked from happening in your life. This is the reason for your rejoicing, and why you are glad. This pandemic has been trying to put a sour taste in your mouth. However, you won’t let that happen, because you will always seek the Lord. Continue to walk in your blessings.