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There is something we all deal with in life, and it’s called barriers. The purpose of barriers is to keep you out or make you go in a different direction. How many times did you feel unable to accomplish your goals, because of the obstacles you were facing?  There are a number of people that have underachieved in their lives due to barriers. When they were confronted with a barrier, they turned away and did not make any attempt to challenge the barriers before them. Could you imagine if we had barriers in church blocking some people from entering the building? This is exactly what was happening in the temple in Jerusalem. 

In Matthew 21:12-14, we read about how Jesus entered the temple and drove out all that were buying and selling in the temple. Why, because it was a barrier for those that needed to come in. They had taken a place that was designed to change lives and turned it into a business. In essence, they had taken a holy place and changed it into a commonplace. The purpose of the temple is for those to enter to have an encounter with God. However, it was turned into a place where people were conducting business. They were buying animals to be sacrificed, and using them as a place to change money. This had become the primary objective of this place. Therefore, it was no longer a place for those seeking God, because this was the barrier that was keeping them out. There was no room for God in the temple. People were more concerned about making money than changing lives. However, once Jesus removed the barriers there was room for those that needed healing. Change can only occur when we connect with God, and we do that when we pray. In verse fourteen, it tells us the blind and lame came to Jesus in the temple and were healed. This was made possible once the barriers were removed. 

What barriers do you need Jesus to remove from your life? He is willing to do it, but He is waiting on you to ask for His help. Remember your body is a holy temple where the Holy Spirit dwells. If you allow other stuff to invade your temple, it will try to take up as much space as possible. The purpose of this is to have you pay more attention to the stuff than the Lord. Is this happening to you? If so, it’s time for you to ask the Lord to remove the barriers in your temple. Continue to walk in your blessings.