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The writer of Ecclesiastes says that many things are vanity. In essence, many of the things we do are worthless, and won’t make a difference. However, in Ecclesiastes 3:14, in this verse, the writer tells us various things about God, and how we should respond. The first statement he made in this verse was, “I know whatever God does will endure forever.” The writer wants us to understand nothing is capable of destroying, stopping, and changing whatever God does. When God shows His people favor, the enemy is always trying to move our attention away from the blessings. The enemy knows he can’t stop God, therefore his attention is on us. We have to do all we can, not to focus our attention on the distractions from the enemy. We are dealing with a pandemic, and it has caused many to be distracted by it. Yes, it’s real and impacting many families, but it should not cause us to take our focus off God. Why, because each and every day we wake up, God has blessed us to do it! This is God showing us grace and mercy. We were not able to fully understand God’s grace and mercy until Jesus Christ came, and gave His life for the entire world. When we accepted Him as our Lord and Savior, we now have life eternal. Through God using His son to do this for us, it will endure forever.

The next statement the writer makes in this verse, “nothing can be added to it, nor anything taken from it.” Whatever God does is complete, and nobody or anything will be able to add or take from it. We have to know there are some things God has blessed us with, and they go unnoticed. Also, there are some things God has removed from our lives that we think are still there. I encourage all of us to stop and pray, asking God to help us to see what He has done in our lives. This will help us to move forward in understanding how God has reshaped us for the purpose of doing His will.

The last statement in this verse says, “God has done this so that all should stand in awe before Him.” Saints, we all should take a few moments and stand in front of a mirror, and take a good look at ourselves. The next thing that happens is we will all begin to praise the Lord because only God was able to change our lives. By giving us what we needed and taking away the things that were pulling us down. God has enriched our lives forever, in order for us to glorify Him. The way we do this is by serving Him, moving forward sharing the Good News. Only God was able to take us from nothing, and do great things through us. Hallelujah! Continue to walk in your blessings.