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Every Sunday people are going to church weighed down by life’s issues and are leaving the same way they came in. What was the purpose for going to church if everything remains the same? Going to church has to be more than clapping your hands and shouting hallelujah. We have to understand there is a benefit plan God wants us to join that will not expire or have a premium increase every year.   In Psalm 103:2 we are instructed “do not forget all his benefits”.  We have the following benefits in our plan; forgiveness of sin, healing from diseases, your life has been redeemed, steadfast love and mercy, and provides us with all good things as long as we live. These are the benefits that are listed in verse 3 thru 5 in Psalm 103. Once we accepted Christ we were added to the benefit plan but we have to activate it. It is activated when we call on the name of The Lord for help in our circumstances. We will no longer come to church and leave the same way we came because the benefit plan has now been activated. Hallelujah!

I don’t want you to beat yourself up because you have not activated the benefit plan in your life. You are not going to go another moment feeling defeated, because God has given you the victory.  Right now you are going to activate your benefit plan and experience all the things God wants to do in you and through you.