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When the Lord makes a promise to us, it is left up to us to embrace it, do as instructed, and wait for it to happen. This is exactly what the disciples did in Acts 2:1-4, and they were filled with the Holy Spirit. A key to them being filled was identified in verse 1, they were all together in one place. I want to pull out these two words “all together”, they all made a decision individually that impacted them collectively. They were all there waiting on the promise of the Holy Spirit. Their oneness of thought on this promise is what took place, allowing them to receive what was promised. Every Sunday people attend Church “one place”, but are they all together to worship the Lord? No matter what you think we can be all together, because Jesus is the reason we are assembled in one place. Therefore, our worship comes from promises received and promises to come. When we are able to see the value of the promises, we can’t help but be all together. I believe the Holy Spirit fills the Church causing the saints to be free in their worship, and once they leave the sanctuary it does not stop. This is when the real work begins, by sharing the promises of the gospel. There is no limit on how Christianity can  grow when we value the promises.

You have to value the promises The Lord made to you. Don’t get caught up in what others are doing stay focus on the promises. When you do, you will realize the number of God’s people that value the promises. This is how we are all together in one place, and collectively we are blessed. Hallelujah!