Are You Ready to Fight!

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In 2 Kings 4:1-7 this is a story about a mother who needed Elisha’s help. Her husband  had died and the creditors were going to enslave her two children for the debt that was owed. This mother reached out to Elisha because her husband was one of his servants.  When she explained the situation to him he asked her what did she have in her house, and she said a jar of oil.  He instructed her to borrow empty vessels from her neighbors and not just a few. Then go into your house and shut the door and start pouring into the empty vessels until they are full. Image the thoughts going through this mother’s mind. I know doubt was trying to creep in, but she was ready to fight. The reality of the situation was if she did nothing her children would be taken. She chose to fight through the doubt and follow the instructions given.  She borrowed as many vessels as she could, took them in the house and shut the door. Now that she is in the house with all these vessels, I can see her look at the jar of oil and think this will not work. Doubt was trying to knock her down to stop here from moving forward.   She would not stop fighting and began to pour into the vessels.  The oil did not run out until all the vessels in the house were full.  She went and told Elisha what happened. He told her to sell the oil to pay the debt and they would be able to live off the rest.

I want to say thank you to all the mothers who have made the decision to fight for their families and do whatever was needed to take care of them.