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If you were in Church and asked your neighbor “are you open?”, how do you think they would respond? Would they ask you what do you mean, or would they give a response based on what they think you are asking? In Matthew 2:9-12; the wise men that traveled from the East to find the child that was born king of the Jews. They were lead by a star to show them where to find Jesus. Once they found Him, they were filled with joy and when they entered the house they knelt down and worshiped Him. After worshipping Jesus, they opened their treasure chest and gave Him gifts. This is the key for us as Christians, we are to come open in our worship. I know there are times when we are burdened down with problems when we come to Church. These are the times we have to fight within ourselves to stay open in our worship.

Also, we are to open our treasure chest and give to the Lord. These wise men gave because they were blessed to have the opportunity to see Jesus Christ. They understood God did not have to make them aware of what was going on in Bethlehem. Therefore, they could not leave without opening their treasure chests.

In order for a Church to grow; the people of God have to be open in worship, serving, and giving. When we are open, the Lord is able to fill us. You see being open is a two way street, we give as well as receive.  When the people of God are open, the Church grows in leaps and bounds.