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People that enjoy giving gifts will have a sufficient supply of wrapping paper and gift labels. The gift labels have two words on them and they are “to” and “from”. The “to” identifies who the gift is for and the “from” identified the giver.

In Luke 2:1-20 we have the story of the birth of Jesus Christ the Savior of the world. After we read of His birth, we see the Lord sent an angel to the field to alert the shepherds the Messiah had come. Jesus did not have an actual gift label, but we know our gift came wrapped in bands of cloth. In Luke 2:11 the angel’s first two words to the shepherds was “to you”, they were being identified as the first ones to receive the gift. Now they would have to make a decision on whether they would go and get their gift. They would not allow this gift to get away from them, because God has given them the opportunity to be the first to receive the gift. Of all the people to choose from, why would God have these shepherds to be first? The social structure of that society had the shepherds as the lower class. They were Jews, but incapable of maintaining the cleaning rituals because they had to deal with sheep. Therefore, they were tolerated by other Jews, but they were always on the outside. However, in this situation God was not going to have them on the outside, but bring them in to be the first to be blessed. After they saw Jesus they left glorifying and praising God for giving them this opportunity.

Jesus is God’s Son that is a gift to you. Are you going to receive this gift? Oh, you think you don’t deserve this gift, you are right you don’t. God knows all about what you have done, but still He wants you to receive His Son, because He is the only one that can make your life brand new. God no longer wants you to be on the outside, it’s time for you to come inside. This is all made possible because God has a gift to give to you. Merry Christmas, be blessed and enjoy.