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I have been thinking about Father’s Day and I feel that it doesn’t have the same excitement as Mother’s Day. Think about this; when we talk about our fathers we speak about how hard they worked. Also, fathers are more often the disciplinarians in the household. Fathers are often direct in their speaking and appear to be less nurturing. Once I became a father,  I fully understood all my father did for us. His love for his children was shown through His actions.  However, the children can make the mistake of thinking he does not care about them. All he does for his family let you know truly how much he does care. I know there were times my father went without, to ensure we had everything we needed. The one thing fathers can learn to do better is communicate to their children how they feel about them. 

In Matthew 17:1-8, the story is shared where Jesus took Peter, James, and John, with Him on a high mountain. Then they saw Jesus transfigured, His face shined like the sun, and His clothes were dazzling white. Once this happened suddenly Moses and Elijah appeared. Peter was in awe when this happened and was so excited with what was taking place. He wanted to stay there and build three dwellings for Jesus, Moses, and Elijah. That’s when our Heavenly Father stepped in because Jesus is not to share the stage with anyone. In verse 5, our Heavenly Father spoke these words about Jesus, “this is my Son, the Beloved; with Him, I am well pleased; listen to Him.” Our Heavenly Father, points out three things He wants us to know, about how He feels about Jesus. First He makes us aware Jesus is His son. Saints, Jesus is the only begotten son and it is made clear by God. Then we are told His Son is dearly loved by Him. There are other verses in the New Testament where God lets us know He truly loves His Son. We will not fully understand the relationship between our Heavenly Father and Jesus. But, there is no question God is pleased with how Jesus conducts Himself. Jesus is God’s Son, dearly loved, and He is well pleased with Him. This lets us know the bond that exists between Father and Son. Our Heavenly Father is showing all fathers, that it’s okay to let others know we love our children dearly, and we are well pleased with them. 

Fathers when you see your children make sure you let them know they are loved by you, and you are well pleased with them. I want every father to enjoy this day, and make sure you don’t lift a finger because it’s your day off. Have a Happy Father’s Day! Continue to walk in your blessings.