I’m Living, My Best Life!

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I truly believe until we fully understand what the Lord has done for us, we are incapable of being all in. In Ephesians 5:8, Paul starts off by saying “for once you were in darkness”‘. Being in darkness means you are unable to see your way clear. This was the state the Ephesians were in prior to Paul sharing the Good News. Once Paul entered the city, he brought the Light of Jesus Christ to allow the people to see clearly. What they needed to see was the destructive lifestyle they had chosen, and it would continue in the generations to come.

 Paul was no stranger to darkness, because this is where he was until Jesus met him on the road to Damascus. After having his encounter with Jesus, Paul was living his best life. Why, because he was all in! By being all in, Paul was able to go to Ephesus and share the Good News. He wanted them to experience living their best life. That’s why he continued to say in verse 8 “but now in the Lord you are light. Live as children of light”. The transition has been made, it’s time to live your best life. It does not matter what you did before, but what are you willing to do now for Jesus Christ. He was letting them know the best life you can live is when you are living for Jesus Christ. 

Are you living your best life? If you have made the transition from darkness to light, then your answer is YES! Jesus Christ came so that you could live your best life. This is possible, because Jesus Christ is the best thing that ever happen to the world. When you accepted Him into your life, you received the best. Now make it your business to live your best life, by serving Him through sharing the Good News wherever you go. Continue to walk in your blessings!