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Today we celebrate and honor our mothers for all they do for their children. The one thing that is true about a mother, is how she will make sure the needs of her child are satisfied. A mother will go to great lengths to ensure the child has what is needed, even if it means she will be without. A woman understands her priorities change, once she has a child. This is when the transition takes place from being selfish, to selfless. The primary objective is to ensure their child is being taken care of to the best of their ability. This is only attainable when the mother makes herself secondary, and the child primary. This is the reason why the bond between a mother and her child is great because her child feels her love.

In 1Kings 3:16-28, we read about a case brought before King Solomon.
There were two prostitutes and a baby in this case, and both women were
saying the child was theirs. They were living in the same house and one
woman fell asleep on her child and killed it. When she realized what
happened, she switched her child with the other woman. When this woman
woke up and saw her child was dead, she examines the child and realized
it was not hers. While in the presence of the king these two women begin to
argue, and the situation appears to be getting out of hand. Then the king
calls for a sword, and makes the following statement, “divide the living boy
in two; then give half to one, and the other half to the other.” When the
mother of the living child hears what the king commands, her mothering
skills kick in and she has compassion for her child. She makes the decision
to choose life for her child, even if that means giving him away. These are
words spoken by someone who is selfless. The other woman was in
agreement with the statement the king made because her child was
already dead. She wanted death for the other woman’s child, these are
words spoken by someone who is selfish. The king told them to give the
child to the woman who was selfless because she is the mother.
You can always recognize the actions of a mother because she will do
what is best for her child. In this case, the mother says, I choose life.
Making this decision, the mother knows that her child could end up in the
hands of a woman who has shown to be unfit. That does not matter when
it comes down to life or death, a mother will always choose life. Continue to
walk in your blessings. Happy Mother’s Day!