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Have you ever felt like no matter what was going on you were the last to know?   Have you been around a group of people, and felt like you were in a room by yourself?  You felt this way because nobody ever acknowledged your presence. This was frustrating for you because it was like you were invisible to everyone. By this happening, you started questioning your worth and what did you have to offer to anybody. This is exactly how these shepherds felt. These shepherds were watching over the sheep that were used as sacrifices in the temple. Therefore, these sheep needed to be healthy, and without any blemishes. The only time the shepherds would be recognized, is when there was a problem with a sheep to be sacrificed. They were disrespected because they were unable to maintain the cleansing laws. Within their society, they were last and were seen as an inconvenient necessity. 

In Luke 2:8-20, the shepherds were to be the first to receive the Good News of the birth of the Savior. God sent down an angel to give them the news and instructed them to go see for themselves. Those that were the last, the least, and the forgotten were given this Good News from an angel of God. God wanted them to be the first, to let them know they matter. Society, then and now, place too much importance on the position someone holds. Through God’s actions, He is showing you it does not matter what people think because whatever they do is temporary. However, what God does for us will last through all eternity. After they received the news, they were told what to do. Then a Heavenly host came and began to praise God. This happened in their presence. Letting them know they are not last, least, or forgotten. God acknowledged their presence and sent them to be the first to see Jesus. These shepherds immediately left to go and see for themselves.

The shepherds knew once they arrived in Bethlehem, there would not be a lot of newborn babies lying in mangers. This allowed them to focus on looking for the Savior in an open-air environment because no one in the inn would be laying a baby in a food trough for animals. When they saw the Savior, they knew that this is the right place.  They also realized there was nobody around the baby but His parents. Realizing this, they knew they were the first to come into the presence of the Savior of the world. They shared what they were told by the angel, and how the Heavenly host came and praised God. They praised God while they were there, and as they were leaving. They left the Savior, knowing they are not forgotten.  Nor are they the least, God has made them first. This also let Mary and Joseph know that God always has a plan with a purpose. You also need to be reminded that God’s plan in your life has a purpose. Continue to walk in your blessings!