Dig a Ditch or Give a Stone

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As Christians, we have two options in how we deal with people that make mistakes. We can either dig a ditch or give a stone. Let me explain. When people make mistakes, we can ridicule them and continually remind them of what they have done wrong. This is digging a ditch, pushing them in and not allowing them to get out. This approach hinders the growth of the Church and the person that made the mistake. It becomes a problem because no one in the Church wants to make a mistake and if they do, they leave rather than allow you to dig a ditch for them. This is not the approach Jesus wants us to take because all you have is a place filled with ditches and the Church is not moving forward.

When someone makes a mistake we have to give them a stone to step on to rise above what they have done. We recognize what was done and help them to do better. In John 8:1-11, the leaders brought a woman to Jesus who committed adultery and they were ready to stone her – until Jesus spoke. After He spoke they all dropped their stones and walked away.  Jesus spoke to the woman and let her know that He did not condemn her. He instructed her to go and sin no more. He gave her a stone to stand on to rise above her mistakes.

We all have to make a decision on how we will respond to those who make mistakes. Do we dig a ditch to deflate or give them a stone to elevate?