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When you are doing things that are helping people, it’s hard to understand why people are being mean and unkind to you. You are doing these things because the Lord has done something good in you. There was a time in your life when it appeared nothing was working and it felt like everything was pulling you down. However, once you came to Jesus Christ things started looking up. You started feeling good about yourself because the Lord has lifted you up. Your life has a purpose, helping others know they can change. Life does not have to be an anchor around your neck constantly pulling you down. You want people to know that the Lord has something good and will lift them up from all the negativity. They will see things from a different perspective and be willing to share what they received.

In Matthew 5:11-12, Jesus shares what we will deal with once we give our lives to Him. Once this information is shared, we have to make the decision on whether we will continue to place our trust in Him. The first word in verse eleven is blessed. We have to remember once we give our lives to Jesus we are blessed. That does not mean things will be easy, but no matter what we are going through the Lord will be with us. He came to us when we were down but knew our lives would be turned around by Him. Knowing we are blessed allows us to deal with the abuse and hostility that comes at us from people. Even when they spread false information about us, this will not stop us from functioning to our purpose. It does the opposite because it means the character of Jesus Christ is being exposed in our lives. 

The enemy does not want the character of Christ to be exposed, because if Jesus Christ is lifted up, He will draw all people to Himself. Then He starts verse twelve with the word rejoice. Hearing Jesus uses this word will sound odd to the world. But, we understand the Lord is blessing us in spite of the abuse and hostility we are going through. Also, we know there are benefits in placing our trust in the Lord. There is a great reward awaiting us in heaven. Saints, do you know the Lord is doing something good in your life, and also giving us something to look forward to?  Has the abuse and hostility of people caused you to stop moving forward in your purpose? You have to remember you are blessed, and it’s time for you to allow the character of Jesus Christ to be exposed in your life. The Lord will not abandon you, but He will draw you even closer to him. It’s time for you to allow the Lord to do something good with your life. Continue to walk in your blessings.