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  1. Billy Silva says:

    I heard this sermon when I visited the church that day, but today I awoke and thought who could ever dream that 40 years after I was almost dead and thats better than jail, God has been
    working a phenominal plan for me. He was patient, He used alot of people, He used therapy, I got honest, I repented, I cried alot, I had a loving family and I take total responsibility for the human and material damage I caused.
    My Faith is in Jesus and my Trust is in God the Father and the Holy Spirit is my Guide. I pay close attention to the plan because I Owe -Owe-Owe God a price I told Him I Can’t express.
    40 yrs of wilderness was good for me. Along the way God had me do odd jobs, then with maturity I worked with others and with education I was scared when they trusted me with a project.

    Well that’s enough. Pastor when you said, 19- it was 30 for me, you know !

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