Not Down, But Up

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With the number of people being vaccinated, those being infected with Covid-19 have dropped and the number of people being hospitalized has decreased. We are slowly coming out of the pandemic, but I wonder how many people are still feeling down after dealing with all the things that have changed and being in lockdown mode for fifteen months. This is not something that is easily forgotten because all of our lives have been impacted by the pandemic. The emotional strain has caused a number of people to feel depressed and they are having a hard time getting past these feelings. I want you to know through it all, the Lord is the One that has protected you. 

The writer of Psalm 121 wants you to know, the Lord is your protector. The reason you are still here is that the Lord protected you and the enemy wants you to focus on the restrictions you had to deal with. Right now, I  challenge you to lift up your eyes to the hills and know it is the Lord that has been with you through it all. The Lord that created heaven and earth is the same One that is protecting you. The writer of this Psalm understood this one thing, once you lift up your eyes, you also have to lift up your head. When you look up, your view changes and you realize all that you see was created by the Lord. In creating all of this, He still has you on His mind. Why would a God that creates such great things care about me? Because you are the only thing He created in His image. When He sees you, He sees a part of Himself. This is why you have not been moved because the Lord has been sustaining you. The Lord has been keeping you in your right mind, and protecting you from all evil. Every time you went out and came back home, the Lord is the One that kept you. 

Therefore, you have a lot to be thankful for and you will not be down anymore. Moving forward, you will begin to rejoice and look up, because the Lord has been good to you. Remember, you are not down; but up because you have been protected by the Lord. Continue to walk in your blessings.