We Are Blessed!

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In John 20:24-29 we read how the resurrected Christ appeared to His disciples. This was a time to rejoice for them, except for Thomas.  Why? Because, he was not there when Jesus came. When he saw them rejoicing, he did not believe it was true, because he did not see it for himself.  He told the disciples, unless I see the nail prints in His hands and touch His side, I will not believe. Thomas felt frustrated that this took place without him being present.  I believe, this is the reason why he did not rejoice with the other disciples.  A week later, Jesus appeared again and this time Thomas was present.  The Lord said to Thomas see my hands, touch my side.  However, Thomas’s immediate response was “My Lord and my God”.  Jesus said to him “Have You believed because you have seen me?  Blessed are those who have not seen and have come to believe”.

As Christians, we are rejoicing because we have not seen the nail prints in his hand. Nor, have we seen His side.  Still we praise Him because we have been moved by our faith in Him to believe we are saved.  Since we are saved we know that we are blessed.  We will no longer live life as though we have been defeated.  Through the price Jesus paid for all of us, we have the victory.  Now we need to live, knowing we are blessed!