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The current administration in the White House wants to build a wall at the border of Mexico to stop people from entering illegally. The purpose for building walls is let those on the outside know they are not welcomed. This is the same message the disciples were sending in Matthew 19:13-15. People were bringing their little children to Jesus, so that He could lay hands on them. However, the disciples spoke sternly to them and did not want them to bother Jesus. They were being a wall letting the people know you are not welcome. Wow! When these disciples came to Jesus, there was no wall, because He called them. Therefore, why are they being a wall? You would think they understood these people believed, if Jesus lays hands are their children there lives would be blessed. When Jesus saw what was happening, He said “let the little children come to me, and do not stop them”. Jesus was letting His disciples know, you are to be gates not walls. Then Jesus laid hands on the little children, and then He left.

Are you a wall or a gate? You are called to be a gate to usher people into the presence of Jesus Christ, so that they can be saved. Being a gate means you are not to restrict people based on age. There are some that think children have time, therefore, I have to let the older folk in first. In doing this you are leaving them out there, where predators are waiting to pounce upon them. This could have been one of the reasons why the disciples were putting up a wall. However, Jesus said “for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven is for”. In essence the kingdom is open to all that recognize the need to have Jesus Christ. When you come you are making a transition from sinner to saint, and the filth of sin is washed away by the blood of Jesus Christ. Now you are able to enter the kingdom of heaven with purity of heart. Remember you are a gate to help others received the blessing of Jesus Christ.