It’s a New Beginning!

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Saints we have found ourselves in a place we did not expect. Everything was going well and we were planning vacations. Then all of a sudden the pandemic occurred and everything came to an abrupt halt; for fifteen months things were at a standstill. Many were trying to adjust their daily routines because what they were doing prior to the pandemic was not available. Many people felt like a wall came down and blocked all the things they were doing. In Genesis 21:14-19,  Hagar was feeling the same,  her entire life changed overnight. She went from being Sarah’s slave to homeless with the child she bore Abraham. It was not her plan to have a child for Abraham, this was Sarah’s idea. Hagar did not have a choice. Once Sarah was able to conceive a child of her own, and he was weaned; she decided that Hagar and Ishmael had to go. 

When Sarah told Abraham it was time for Hagar and her son to leave, he was not in agreement with this decision. He did not want to abandon his son Ishmael, so he prayed to God. Abraham was instructed by God to do as Sarah requested. I know this was hard for Abraham to do, but he was putting his trust in the Lord to take care of Ishmael. In essence, Abraham had the faith to believe the Lord would provide for Hagar and Ishmael. They were sent away with bread and a skin of water. You can’t tell me Hagar was not feeling abandoned, because of the limited food and water they were given. When the water and bread ran out, they were in a place of hopelessness. There was no food or water, so Hagar separated herself from her son. She did not want to see him die, and now she is feeling forgotten with nowhere to turn.

Saints this is how some people were feeling during the pandemic when Covid-19 cases were rising, and the number of people dying was increasing daily. Some people felt like they were forgotten, and they had no one to turn to for help. We serve a God who looks out for the least, the lost, and the forgotten. When Hagar thought the end was near, the Lord showed up and gave them a new beginning. He pointed out a well to Hagar, and from there new opportunities would begin to present themselves for them. Saints, the same thing is happening for us right now, new opportunities are presenting themselves, and the Lord has provided vaccines for all. Now it’s left up to us to move forward in the blessings that have been provided. The Lord always steps in right on time to let us know we are not forgotten. We have a reason to praise the Lord because we have a new beginning. Continue to walk in your blessings.