He Will Remove Your Doubts

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This is the fourth and final blog that will come from John’s account of the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. Have you ever felt left out? Those you know had an opportunity to do something, but you were not included. The reason you weren’t included was that you weren’t there when the opportunity presented. This has caused you to be frustrated. Someone
should’ve come to get you. Since you were alienated from what took place, you feel disconnected from those who had the opportunity. You are able to see the excitement in them whenever they talk about what happened. They’re sharing their experience with you, to give you a chance to understand what took place and with the expectation, you will come to believe, and join in the excitement. However, the opposite happens, your
doubt took charge, and it becomes harder for you to believe. Why, because you shouldn’t have been left out when the opportunity came through. Now, you want physical proof of what happened, because your doubt has made you bitter. Therefore, the only way for you to believe is to have physical evidence, nothing else will give you peace and joy. This is exactly how Thomas was feeling because he was not there when Jesus appeared to the other disciples.

In John 20:24-29, we see the excitement of the other disciples as they shared with Thomas what took place. His doubt is birthed out of him not being in attendance when Jesus made His initial visit to the disciples. We have to remember Thomas is broken by seeing Jesus crucified on the cross. He can’t understand why was he excluded when Jesus decided to appear. We don’t know why he wasn’t there at the time, and maybe he is angry with himself for leaving. This is why he said to the others, he needs physical evidence before believing. This is not coming from someone who was an eyewitness to the miracles Jesus had done. This is a man who currently has no peace or joy, and feels left out. Think about this, for seven days Thomas listened to the other disciples talk about Jesus appearing, and how it made them feel. The more he heard, the more bitter he became, and his doubt grew. In Thomas, we are able to see ourselves, because there was a time our doubts were at the forefront of our lives. When Jesus appeared a week later, Thomas was present, and the Lord said to him, “peace be with you”. Then
the Lord told him to touch His hands and His side. Thomas, immediately responded, “my Lord, and my God”. Thomas has made the transition from being a doubter and has become a believer. This is what the Lord does, He will remove your doubts.