The Lord Is Unwavering!

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We have all faced something in our lives that has attempted to shake our faith in the Lord. However, this pandemic is trying to tap the core of our being; attempting to make us waiver in our faith in the Lord. Our country has had over 150,000 people taken from this earth, because of this dreaded virus. The hardest part is the separation because we were unable to visit them in the hospital when they were sick.  This added to our grief and pain, because we were unable to connect with them before they took their last breath. It has caused many to become angry, and some are having a hard time maintaining their faith. I truly don’t have all the answers; but, I challenge you to do as instructed in Psalm 117. In verse one, the writer is encouraging all nations and people to give the Lord an enthusiastic praise. The purpose of this statement is to recognize the One who is the giver and sustainer of everyone on the earth. The Lord is the One who created everything, and continues to watch over us.

Then in verse two the writer is outlining why we need to worship and praise the Lord. For great is His unwavering love for us, and His faithfulness endures always. How the Lord feels about us is unexplainable, because we don’t deserve it. I’m so thankful that the Lord sees something in us that won’t allow Him to waiver in His love for us. Also, His faithfulness in taking care of us will endure forever. This is the reason why we have to praise Him, because the Lord is unwavering. We will not fully understand on this side why the Lord cares for us the way He does. But, I’m grateful that He does, and that’s why we have to worship and praise His Holy Name! My brother and sister, I know what you are going through is weighing you down. When you decide to praise Him, He will lighten your burdens. I want you to take a few moments and raise your hands and give the Lord some praise. His care for you is truly unwavering. Continue to walk in your blessings!