The Lord Believes in You

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When we say we believe in someone; in essence, we are saying we have a level of trust in them. You know when people believe in you, because their actions and what they say is evident. In Luke 1:26-38, we have the story of Mary being chosen by the Lord to be the mother of Jesus Christ. Think about this, the Lord believed in Mary to be capable to take on this great responsibility. Her family was not rich; she was a teenager and was a virgin. Some would think the Savior of the world should come from a rich family, where he could be protected and have all the luxuries of life. However, this is not how God saw it and He believed Mary would do a good job. 

There are key statements the angel Gabriel used when he talked with Mary. The first one he spoke to her was, “greetings favored one!” Mary was chosen for this task and she had the favor of the Lord. This is to let her know,  it doesn’t matter what others may think about her because she is favored by the Lord. This is also true of us, some may not agree with what we have been called to do. When you have the favor of the Lord, you have everything you need. Why, because the Lord believes you can do it! We have to embrace our calling, and shake off the doubt that others may have in your ability. Gabriel continues by saying, “the Lord is with you!” Once you are called, the Lord will not leave you but will be with you every step of the way. This is comforting to know because there will be times you are not sure what to do. That’s when you call on Him, and He will answer. Then Gabriel tells her, “nothing will be impossible with God!” This was to seal the calling on her life and to help remove her own doubts and fears. Gabriel made Mary aware, Elizabeth who was old is now six month pregnant. To help her understand God is in control, and He believes in her. 

What have you been holding back, because you are struggling to understand God believes in you. It’s not by coincidence that you have been called, because everything the Lord does has a purpose. It’s time for you to know the Lord believes in you and know you are favored, loved, and cared for by Him. Shake off your doubts and fears, and embrace your calling because you have work to do! Continue to walk in your blessings.