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When we accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, the verdict on our lives is not guilty. This sounds good but we have some Christians still living as though they are incarcerated. Think about this way; if someone was on trial for a crime and the jury came in after deliberating the case with the verdict-not guilty. Would the person on trial say to the judge: I still want to be incarcerated, absolutely not! The struggle we have is that we are guilty and deserve to be punished for what was done. However, we have to remember Jesus paid the price for us, by taking our sin to the cross with Him. In Zechariah 3:1-8 we have the high priest standing and Satan standing at his right hand to accuse him. Imagine how the priest felt because he knew Satan witnessed all the things he had done. Now they are standing before the Lord, Satan knew he had the victory. But what he did not expect the Lord to do is forgive the priest of his guilt. First the Lord rebuked Satan, then the angel instructed those around the priest to remove the filthy clothes he was wearing. Then the priest was told his guilt has been taken away, and gave him clean clothes. The Lord was letting the priest know you are not guilty. Now that the guilt has been removed he had to walk as the Lord required, not focusing on what was. But, realize I am not the same, because my guilt has been taken away.


I’m talking to you right now, the Lord wants you to grow in your relationship with Him. As this happens you will realize all the things you are capable of doing. However, there is one thing that has been getting in the way and taking a lot of your time it’s called guilt. Guilt is like having a pebble in your shoe, that is annoying and reminds you it’s there with every step. You don’t allow the pebble to stay in your shoe, you take off the shoe and shake it until the pebble falls out. The Lord has removed the pebble from your life, so there is no need to go and pick it up. Every time guilt tries to creep back into your life remind yourself the Lord told me I am not guilty!



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