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The one thing we have all faced in life is disappointment and how we handle it, determines our outcome. The impact has hit some in the heart and this has caused them to become bitter. When this happened, they blamed God for what went wrong because they needed a place to direct their anger. I can relate to this because when my mother died, immediately I blamed God. This was the view of a fourteen-year-old.  If God is love, how could He allow someone I loved more than myself to be taken away?   I was bitter and angry for a number of years and wanted nothing to do with God. I was a young person that had no understanding of God. When I think back on how I was living, the only reason I’m still here is because of God. God knew I was speaking from a place of bitterness because I was emotionally broken. However, God through His grace and mercy did not give up on me. He had a plan for my life, in spite of how I was living. 

Then I started thinking about the writer of Psalm 73, and the struggles he was dealing with. In Psalm 73:21-28, we are able to see his mistakes, and how he was able to recover from them. In verses 21 and 22, we see how he was impacted by a situation that pricked his heart. It touched the depths of his soul and embittered him. This caused him to think irrationally, and he lived like someone who had no understanding. Something happened that caused him to move closer to God, and stop acting like someone who did not have any understanding. He placed his focus back on God and realized God is holding his right hand. The purpose for holding his hand was to guide and counsel him in verse 24. In verse 25 the writer makes it a point to let it be known, “there is nothing on earth that I desire other than You.” From this verse we learn, the bitterness that saturated him has been removed. The writer concludes in verse 28, by making his position clear: He knows it’s good to be near God because He is able to bring you through whatever is trying to break you. Therefore, God has become his refuge, and he will not keep silent. From this day forward he will tell of all the works God has done. God could have removed him from His presence, but remained patient with him. 

What has pricked your heart and made you bitter toward God? I want you to know God has not dismissed you but is giving you time to think about what has happened. You will come to the conclusion the only One able to bring you through is God. When He does, then you will come near and realize God is my refuge. You will let everyone you came in contact with know about the great works God can do. Continue to walk in your blessings!