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In Lamentations 3:52-58 Jeremiah talks about the unjust treatment the people were experiencing while they were in captivity. He mentions how they were thrown in the pit and covered with stones-unable to get out. If that was not bad enough, water was poured into the pit to the point it was covering their heads. At this point all hope was lost. Jeremiah was using this illustration to give the reader some insight on how the people felt. In verse 56 it tells us the people cried out to God for help. They cried out with the understanding God would hear them and respond. The question we need to ask is why would God respond?

They were in captivity because of their disobedience, so, why should they expect God to do anything? Because, they owned their disobedience and returned to God. This lets me know they are in a good place. When the people made the decision to own their sins, and return to the Lord they were free from the burden of guilt. When they were freed of the burden of guilt they moved to a good place. Being in a good place has nothing to do with your external location, but everything to do with your internal location. By them being in a good place, they knew once they prayed to God about their situation they would be redeemed.

Before you can be in a good place, you must first own your sins and confess them. Then lift up your heart and hands to God and your relationship with the Lord is now in a good place. Since your relationship with God is in a good place, then you are in a good place. Remember your good place is within you. Therefore, no matter how rough things are around you, there is no doubt God will bring you through!


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