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The Israelites were freed from the bondage of the Egyptians without lifting a sword to fight. The Lord parted the Red Sea for them to walk across on dry ground. In both situations, they did not have to do anything except move. In moving forward you would think they would come to realize the power of the Lord. However, that was not the case, they were in the desert complaining about not having any meat to eat. Then they started reminiscing about all the good food they had back in Egypt, where they were in bondage. Yes, they had more food choices while they were in bondage, so would they prefer to good back to Egypt? I would think not, but sometimes we make the mistake of remembering a good thing and forgetting how bad our situation was. The people went to Moses complaining, then Moses talks to the Lord. Moses was overwhelmed and it felt like he was carrying all the problems of the people. He was ready to give up because it was too much for him. This is when the Lord stepped in to give him the assistance he needed by asking him to bring seventy elders to the meeting place. The purpose was to give them a portion of the anointing that was on Moses. Then the Lord told Moses, he was going to provide meat for the people. Moses could not fathom how the Lord was going to provide meat for six hundred thousand people.

This is when the Lord raised this question to Moses in Numbers 11:23, “is the Lord’s power limited? Now you shall see whether My word will come true for you or not.” Moses had to make a decision on whether to believe the Lord. Based on his experience with the Lord,  Moses made the decision to move as instructed and told the people what the Lord said. There are two parts to what Moses had to do, first, he had to embrace what the Lord said, then he had to move with it.  He had to own what he was going to share with the people because if he wavered, the people would not believe. After he shared this with the people, we see in verses 24-25 the Lord gave a portion of Moses anointing to the seventy. Then in verses 31-32 we see the Lord provided quails for the people as He stated in His word. 

Saints, is the Lord’s power limited in our lives? The answer is no. However, the only limits that will exist will be those we create. How by us not being able to embrace what the Lord has instructed us to do. In order to experience the Lord’s power, we have to own it. We have made it this far because we have stepped out on faith. Therefore, now is not the time to think the Lord’s power is limited. We have to move as He instructs, and He will make away out of no way. Continue to walk in your blessings!