I Was Chosen, Then Called

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What happens at the NFL draft is interesting, all the talented athletes that are projected to go in the first round are invited to the draft. They are assembled in a room, and wait to receive a call from the team that drafted them. After they receive the call, the commissioner announces to all in attendance the NFL team, and the athlete they have drafted. Once this happens, the athlete walks on stage with the teams’ cap, and shakes hands with the commissioner. Behind the scenes the team determines which athlete they will choose, then they make the call. This is what the Lord has done, He has chosen us, then we are called. In 1 Peter 2:9 the process is outlined for you to read, you were chosen, then called. The difference between how the NFL and God chooses is this, the NFL drafts players based on their performance in college. However, God chooses based on the potential within you, with no prior evidence confirming it exists within you. Also, only the best make it to the NFL, but God goes to the dark places to assemble His team. God came into the dark to draw you into the light. Jesus was the One that came to where you were to give you an opportunity to come out of the darkness. You were chosen, then called!

You no longer have to apologize for being chosen, then called. This has been the Lord’s plan for you, that is coming to light. This should move you to praise the Lord even more, because you had no idea you were capable of doing the work. But once you stepped out on faith, the Lord allowed you to see how He was unfolding all of this in your presence. Remember, you were chosen, then called. Be blessed indeed.