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There is something that needs to be discussed because it determines how we respond. Our attitude is the key to how we respond in any situation. We have all had people apologize to us for how they reacted in a particular situation. They continue by telling us about having a bad day. Therefore, something happened earlier which impacted their attitude and from there everything was going downhill. Their minds were set on negativity because whatever happened earlier was still dominating their thoughts. When something is dominating our thoughts, it will move to control our actions. Before we know it, we are going off on someone because they said to us, “good morning, I hope you are having a good day.” What triggered them to respond in this way was the word “good”, the attitude they had at that point does not allow this word to be received in any context. Why?  Because they cannot see any good in their lives at that moment. 

In Psalm 100, the writer wants the people of God to have an attitude of gratitude. Yes, we will have days when our attitude has been impacted by what happened. But, we cannot allow it to completely overtake us, because our Lord can turn any situation around. In verse one we are told to, “make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth.” This is an inclusive statement, which means no one is excluded. It does not matter if you can’t hold a note, you can still make a joyful noise. The writer wants everyone to understand, you are not making noise to impress anyone but the Lord. It may not be pleasing to others, but to the Lord, it is a sweet noise. Why, because it’s coming from your heart. We know the Lord is God, He made us, and we are His people. This is why everything we do for the Lord comes from our hearts. He is the healer of our broken hearts. This is why we, “enter His gates with thanksgiving, and His courts with praise.” We know He is the reason we are still here, and He blesses us to do everything. That’s why we, “give thanks to Him, bless His name.” When we do as this Psalm suggests, we can adjust our attitude to one of gratitude.

What has been causing you to have an attitude of frustration, anger, and negativity? It has had a hold on you, and it’s like a dark cloud that is constantly hovering over you. Today, you are going to read Psalm 100 and apply it to your life. When you do, you’ll have an attitude of gratitude. Continue to walk in your blessings!