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In Luke 1:26-38, we read Of Mary’s encounter with the Lord. The Lord sent Gabriel to let Mary know that she has been chosen to bear the Son of God. Mary was perplexed by the greeting and having an angel come to her. This was the last thing she expected because she was not of royalty, nor was her family rich. Therefore, when Gabriel referred to her as the favored one, this really was confusing. What we learn from this encounter is that the Lord can use whomever He chooses. Your family lineage is not important to the Lord, you are! After listening to Gabriel, Mary had to make a decision on whether to embrace God’s plan or turn away. The one thing that she struggled with was how was this going to happen because she was a virgin. This is one of the reasons she was chosen and Gabriel shared that the power of God will make this possible.

 What is interesting about the conversation Mary had with Gabriel, was her ability to listen to what was being shared. This is important for us to understand, we should not rule out what God is asking of us. Why, because whatever we don’t have He will supply. We have to remember what we are being asked to do may appear to be impossible. But, all things are possible with God.

Once Mary took in all the information Gabriel shared, her response was, “here am I”. By making this statement Mary was willing to accept what she was being asked to do. Mary used the word “here”, to let God know she is willing to accept her role in His plan. By accepting this role, she knew there would be some obstacles to overcome. But I believe, Mary was willing to step out on faith and place her complete trust in God. Saints, this is an example we all need to follow because it’s only through our faith we are able to please God. This is the reason some are struggling in their current situations because they keep trying to fix it. They embraced what they were being chosen to do, however, they keep trying to do it their way. Moving through faith is the only way we will be successful in our role. This will also lead us in having the right relationship with God. 

Have you accepted your role in God’s plan? If so, are things flowing, where you can see God’s hand moving in your life? Or, are you feeling frustrated, because it appears you’re stuck, and you can’t see God in anything? If this is where you are, it’s time to ask yourself this question, have I stepped out on faith? Then look around, do you see any evidence of your faith in action, if not this is the change you have to make. Through stepping out on faith shows God, you are accepting your role. Continue to walk in your blessings!