He Won’t Leave You Broken (2nd of 4)

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This is the second blog of four that will come from John’s account of the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ.

In last week’s  message, Mary Magdalene arrived before day break and saw the empty tomb. She went to tell Peter and the other disciples that Jesus’s body was missing. They went into the tomb, and saw the linen cloths. The other disciple believed He may be resurrected, but Peter was not sure what to believe. As they came out the tomb, they did not console Mary but left her sitting there in the puddle of her tears. Mary at this point is broken and distraught because she truly believes Jesus’s body was taken. Why didn’t Peter or the other disciples take some time to console Mary, it is clear she needed some help. I think they were still dealing with their own brokenness, by seeing Jesus crucified. It’s hard for broken people to be able to encourage others that are broken. It takes all their energy to maintain themselves, they are incapable of helping others. When they came out of the tomb and saw Mary in her brokenness, there was nothing they could do or say because they were still hurting. 

John 20:11-18, shows Mary at the entrance of the tomb where Jesus was buried, convinced that His body was removed. This is the conclusion she had come to and nothing was going to change her mind. Two angels appeared, sitting where Jesus’ body was, one at the head the other at His feet. They asked her why is she crying? You would think once she saw the angels present, something would click within her; causing her to realize Jesus was not taken away by grave robbers. Mary’s brokenness has truly overwhelmed her, and her ability to rationalize is non-existent at this point. Then she turns and Jesus is standing before her, but she thinks it’s the gardener.  When she hears Jesus’s voice as He asks her a question, still it does not register. Her expectation is to see Him lifeless, because this is how He was the last time she saw Him. Have you been broken by situations, that won’t allow you to see things differently than how you remember. The only way Jesus was able to get her attention is when He called her by name. Once she heard Jesus say her name, is when He became visible. Jesus knew Mary was broken, and there was no way, He was going to leave her in this condition. 

I don’t know what may have broken you, but I want you to know the Lord cares about you.  He will come to see about you. Why, because He won’t leave you broken. Right now, I want you to take a few minutes and begin to thank and praise the Lord.  Your healing is already on the way! Continue to walk in your blessings!