Have You Prayed?

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15504_man_prayingIn Isaiah 37:21 The Lord was pleased with King  Hezekiah because he prayed. The Assyrian army was preparing to attacked Judah, and had sent a letter ahead telling them they were coming. This army was like a bulldozer destroying everything in its path, and nothing was able to withstand them. King Hezekiah knew his army was unable to defeat this enemy, but he served The Lord that could. Therefore, he went into the house of The Lord and spread the letter out and prayed. The Lord had Isaiah tell Hezekiah that He heard his prayer, and will resolve the problem.

Rather than praying, King Hezekiah could have spent all his time worrying. If he had taken this approach, he and the people would have been destroyed. I wonder how many people in church are being destroyed, because they spend all their time worrying. We have to understand worrying sucks the life out of us, and makes us feel there is nothing else we can do. I want us to think about this statement, if we can worry, we can pray. If we have the energy to worry, then we have the energy to pray. Worrying takes life out of us, but prayer give us life.

My question to you is, have you prayed? What you are dealing with appears that it cannot be defeated, but I’m here to tell you it can. When you take it to The Lord and spread it before Him and pray. Watch and see what The Lord will do, because there is none greater! ┬áSo, stop worrying and start praying and watch how The Lord is going to work it all out. Hallelujah!