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I wonder how many people feel their lives don’t matter?  Based on what has happened to them, they’ve come to this conclusion.  They feel no one has made them a priority, it seems as though they were forgotten. Now that the pandemic is hopefully coming to an end, there will be more people feeling like their lives don’t matter. I think about Moses who was a Jew, that was raised by Pharaoh’s daughter. It is not known when he found out that he was a Jew being raised in Pharaoh’s house. However, I know he was conflicted and was trying to understand how to connect with his fellow Jews. In trying to make that connection, Moses killed an Egyptian that was beating a Jew. Then he left the land of Egypt expecting not to return, but God had a different plan. He was the man chosen by God to go back to Egypt to free the Jews. Moses was giving God every excuse he could think of not to send him because He thought he was not capable of doing this task. The Lord used Moses and the Jews were freed from slavery. 

At some point, Moses took some time to reflect on what the Lord had done for them, and he wrote Psalm 90:12. It states, “so teach us to count our days that we may gain a wise heart.” I believe there is a deeper meaning to this verse. It’s not so much about counting our days but making every day count. Moses realized he was called to lead the slaves out of the grasp of Pharaoh.  Once they were freed, what were they to do? They were to dedicate their lives to God because He is the One that brought them out. How should they do it, by living each day with a purpose? They are to live each day knowing they have been blessed by the Lord. Therefore, they are to make it their business to encourage each other to keep the Lord at the forefront of their lives. As they do, they will gain a wise heart. The only way to become wise is to live your life according to the will of the Lord. By applying the Lord’s instructions to their lives, they are able to see the benefits. This is exactly what Moses did and he was able to gain a wise heart. This is how he was able to make every day count.

Are you willing to make every day count? This is attainable for you, first, you must spend time with the Lord and His Word. The next step is to apply what you learned to your life, and this will put you on the right track to make every day count. As you are doing this you will gain a wise heart. Continue to walk in your blessings!