How Are You Living?

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You’re living in a time where some things don’t make sense. We are dealing with a pandemic that is still taking lives, and the only way we will defeat it is for us to work together. Now that schools have opened, there have been a number of shootings around them throughout the country. In New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania major flooding occurred in areas; this never happened before. There are so many things occurring all at the same time, so what are you to do as a child of God? Paul shares with us in 1 Corinthians 16:13-14, how you are to live during these times. 

First, you are told to “keep alert”, because you cannot close yourself off to what is happening because you know the One that can turn it all around. That does not mean you spend all your time watching the news you need to be informed of what is happening. These are the times your purpose in ministry is made clear based on what is happening in your community. This is how the Lord is able to use you to do great things for Him. Paul understood this first hand as the Lord used him to take the Gospel to the Gentiles. 

Once you “keep alert”, then you have to “stand firm in your faith.” You have to know what is going on so that the Lord can work through you to make a difference. This happens when you stand firm in your faith because things can appear to be hopeless. However, you will continue to trust in the Lord, knowing no matter how bleak it may appear. He can turn it around. Paul was lead by the Lord to go to some places that were hostile toward him, but by him standing firm in his faith many lives were saved. Why, because he refused to focus on the obstacles. He knew the Lord had sent him there for a purpose, therefore his attention was on the opportunity to save lives. Are you moving forward in your purpose? Then, stand firm in your faith, and move forward as the Lord guides.

Then you have to be courageous, which means you will not be deterred by danger. The enemy will do all he can to draw your attention toward the surroundings, with the intent for you to lose focus on your purpose. Also, you have to be strong because the power within you comes from the Lord. Through the anointing of His Holy Spirit, which means you have help. So, always remember you are not alone, the enemy will try to make you think otherwise. 

By applying these principles in your ministry, there is one final thing you need to do:  Everything must be done with love. Love has to be the foundation of all that’s done because it’s through the love of God you have been saved. Jesus Christ walked this earth living His life to be an example of the love of God. Since you are His disciple, following His lead is absolutely necessary. There is no question about how I’m going to live. Continue to walk in your blessings!