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I want you to take a moment and look at yourself in the mirror. Now, what do you see? Do you see someone who feels they are insignificant, because of the color of your skin, or do you feel this way because of your financial situation? Maybe you have come to this conclusion by how others treat you. If this is your view, today is the day you are going to see yourself differently. Paul is someone who had to fight through feeling this way because of how others treated him. When he embraced Jesus Christ and began his ministry, many Christians did not believe his transformation was real. Many believed he was faking and thought his real purpose was to destroy more believers of Jesus Christ. This was the reason the Lord called him to take his ministry to the Gentiles because he could relate to what it’s like to be considered an outsider. What kept Paul moving forward in ministry is what he knew, and shared in Romans 5:6-8. 

In these verses, Paul shared with the Romans how Jesus gave His life for sinners. Every time Paul thought about what he was doing before embracing Jesus Christ, it brought tears to his eyes. Why, in spite of what he had done- Jesus called him to ministry. Paul was able to experience the love of God and he knew this was something he did not deserve. In verse 8 it says, “God proves His love for us in that while we still were sinners Christ died for us.” This is to make us aware of how much we are loved by God. Why did God have to prove His love for us? Because, our lives were saturated with sin, and He had to take drastic measures in order to get our attention. And, Jesus Christ was the only one that could redeem us, because He was capable of taking the sin of the world to the cross with Him. 

Paul realized it did not matter how he was viewed through the eyes of others because Jesus saw him as someone that was significant. You have to know Jesus Christ died for you, to change your view of yourself as being insignificant. You are somebody who matters to God, and He proved His love to you through the actions of Jesus Christ. So look at yourself again in the mirror and say, “God loves me!” You are not defined by people, but by the actions of the Lord. Continue to walk in your blessings!